Is the Legal Side of Your Coaching business freaking you Out?
The Legit Coach is everything you need to legally protect your coaching business so you can get (and keep) more sales!
You've built a coaching business you love...
But are left overwhelmed and bit terrified. 
How do I REALLY protect the money I'm making? 
What do I need LEGALLY and when? 
How do I know everything is covered without LOOPHOLES
What contracts will keep me from being SUED
How do I actually PROTECT the brand I'm building?
legal can suck.
You've poured blood, sweat, and tears into your coaching biz..but now the stress comes because you are totally LOST when it comes to LEGAL.
Nobody wants to be the Newbie.

I get it. You are building an empire and making a huge impact. Your coaching changes lives. You know the potential of your business and don't want to be the newbie, bringing in clients without a contract, operating legally bare. don't know where to start.

And then the horror stories.

You friend tells you her latest client skipped her last payment and owes her $2,000. Your coach tells you the story of the time she got a Cease & Desist Letter and had to rebrand. The VA that ran a Facebook Ad with the wrong image and now that coach owes $5,000 for copyright infringement. The client who asked for a refund 24 hours after your new course was released. 

What You May Find Yourself Doing.

🚫 Hiring out THE GOOGLE as your go-to for legal knowledge
🚫 Asking your friend for her contract...even though she's a health coach and you are a business coach...hey it's all coaching...
🚫 Pretending legal doesn't exist. None of *that* will happen to me...
🚫 'Borrowing' that website policy from another website cause terms are terms...right?

BUT Don't worry
Getting legit doesn't have to be painful... fact, it can be legal(easy)!   You just want to protect your hard work AND your money.  Destination Legal helps women feel empowered and confident in building their online businesses through legal protection

We are on a mission to help coaches just like you! 
hey friend
I get it. You've scoured the internet looking for the best way to protect your coaching business.
Trying to piece together how to do legal on your own, with no help, is frustrating and scary.
You've read the posts about how to comply with that GDPR ting (and are still as confused as ever), you've borrowed contracts and terms of service in a pinch (which leaves you sweating at night because you have no idea if they are even protecting you).

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, and that you had a way you could just ask questions when you need to! 
just imagine
Imagine what it will feel like when you've stepped into your CEO show and finally have the proper protections in place for your business.  Picture how good it's feel once you've got your own contracts protecting your money, your own terms of service protecting your content, and even a plan if someone steals your branding.

FEEL Confident. 

GET Empowered

GET Legit.

BE THE CEO of your growing coaching empire.

Get the contracts (& the confidence) without.....
Wasted time, wasted money, and extra frustration.  Get EVERYTHING you need to LEGALLY PROTECT your business in an easy-peasy course.  This is unlike any legal course you've ever seen because it is made specifically for you as a COACH.
it's time.
To Step into CEO Status. It's time to build your business on a foundation that will support it (and you) for years to come.
From working with 1:1 clients, to running a group program, to protecting your website, imagine how it would feel to have EVERYTHING taken care of.
Having contracts is one thing, but feeling confident that you know when and how to use them is another. Nothing beats feeling like the true CEO that you are.
Check legal off your list so that you can do more of what you do better. Coach. Change Lives. Make an Impact.  And do it all with confidence because you are LEGIT.
It's time to say YES and stop putting your legal (and your business) on hold.   
The online course that teaches you the legal side of running a coaching business while getting it protected at the same time.  Are you ready to...
✔️ Have a lawyer who is in your corner that knows YOUR industry (that's me!) 
✔️ Step into your CEO Shoes and feel totally CONFIDENT in running your business?
✔️ Understand how trademarks protect your branding and make you the EXPERT?
✔️ Feel empowered in working with clients, not to mention keep your $ALES
✔️ Know what you need to PROTECT your business and when you need it
✔️ How to LEGIT bring on team members and host live events & retreats 
6 Video MODULES & PDFs

"The Legit Coach definitely helped me feel more legit! I had no idea about what I'd need legally starting my coaching business and this course was a STEAL for how simple and useful it was. 

I started my business feeling a little fearful of the risk, and this program now has me feeling safe and secure! It took away a major worry and honestly something that was holding me back from really putting my business out there. I'm definitely grateful! 

 P.S. the templates made things much easier, and I think everyone could benefit from some ease in starting a business, right?!"
-Julie, Health Coach

→ Meet sarah waldbuesser, esq. Aka attorney for coaches, aka wife & mama, aka world traveler, aka foodie & wine lover.
Why I Do This...
I help coaches and online business owners build smart & legally savvy businesses through contracts, website protections, and trademarks.  This journey started after I put in my time in the law firm game...and realized it wasn’t for me. 

I longed to create a freedom-based online business (just like you!).   As I started building Destination Legal, I realized that coaches especially were in desperate need of professional legal support. I had the opportunity to make legally covering your booty WAY more easy, fun, and affordable.
Why a legal course for coaches...
Because you ROCK and so does your business. And because as a coach, you are different than other online business owners.  Because having to give a giant refund or pay for a rebrand because of trademark infringement SUCKS.  Because hiring a lawyer is on your list but just isn't in the budget.  
Because solid info + legal templates are EXACTLY what you need.
welcome to the legit coach
Module 01
Client Contracts. The most important legal asset for your business. Learn why, when, and how to use it and more importantly, what to do when a client breaches or asks for a refund.
Module 02
Website Protection.  How to protect your website & what's legally required. What can happen without the right disclaimers in place and how to make sure your site is compliant so you don't get fined. 
Module 03
Terms of Purchase. Using Terms of Purchase for programs & online courses.  Why these are key to growing your business and how they are different than a 1:1 contract. 
Module 04
Intellectual Property.  How Trademarks & Copyright protect you & give you expert status in your industry. What happens when someone is infringing on your brand. 
Module 05
Growing Your Business.  How to grow your team and business in a smart and protected way, from hiring to copyright issues to hosting live events or retreats. 
Module 06
Business Entities.  Why, how, and when to incorporate your business, and other things you can do to make your business totally legit. 
Template 01
1:1 Coaching Contract
Template 02
Website Terms of Service + Disclaimers
Template 03
Website Privacy Policy
Template 04
Terms of Purchase for Group Program or Course
You will also get video tutorials on how to customize all of your templates
*We offer both a Coaches Track or Health Coaches Track to get the correct templates for your business!   Just choose at checkout!*

The Health Coaches track is for anyone coaching on health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, yoga, reiki, or similar practice. 
The Coaches track is for all other coaching types (business, life, relationship, money, career, confidence, marketing, etc.) 

With these legal templates in your business AND the understanding of how to use them, nothing can keep you from moving forward. 


"After spending weeks researching and comparing different online legal offerings targeted for coaches, the choice was clear—Destination Legal, specifically The Legit Coach program, delivered the most comprehensive package of contracts. I felt secure, supported, and confident in moving forward with my coaching business. The highlight of the program was knowing I had direct access to Sarah via the live Q&A sessions. Not only was I provided reliable legal protection for my business via the bundle of contracts, but, throughout the course, Sarah walked us through each agreement and provided ‘plain-speak’ interpretations and real-life scenarios to illustrate how and why we needed legal protection.

After reviewing the program’s cost, my decision was easy; I couldn’t have purchased individual contracts for less than the bundle. Growing a coaching business is full of challenges, and now I don’t worry about ‘what-if” scenario’s when clients or vendors sign my agreements. Thank you, Destination Legal, for making this an easy decision and an enjoyable course!"

Penny Casselman, Life Coach
but you need to hurry!
The Legit Coach Starts NOW.
As soon as you sign up you have access to all of the modules, legal templates, and tutorials.

Sign up now at the lowest price you will EVER SEE for this course! 
As if a ton of templates (like 50 + pages worth!) and all the legal education you could want isn't enough...these bonuses take this course from awesome to legen-WAIT FOR IT-dary. Legendary
Contract for Hiring Service Providers. This is an independent contractor agreement that you can use to hire a VA, OBM, Facebook Ads Manager, Social Media Manager, and more. 
Cease & Desist Letter for Trademark Infringement.  Did you see someone using your awesome tag line that you own? Use this C &D to protect your registered trademark. 
Cease & Desist Letter for Copyright Infringement. If someone copies your social media post, blog, or online course, send them this to demand they take it down. 
Demand Letter Template.  If your client is late on payment, this is the email to send to collect and get the money you are owed.
Contract Amendment Template. If you need to update a contract (because of something like COVID) or need to renegotiate terms, this is how to do it!  
Ongoing access to our private Facebook Group, Cocktails & Contracts. This is for Destination Legal customers only - access to exclusive content and to me to answer questions! 
6 Video Modules & Tutorials . . .$3000

Deluxe Legal Bundle. . . . . .$1500

Contract for Hiring. . . . . . . . $400

Defense Bundle. . . . . . . . . . . .$400

Live Q & A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1000

Being Legally Protected. . . . PRICELESS


Investment: $1997 or 6 payments of $359
they said
We've helped thousands of coaches and online businesses protect their passion.  See what others are saying...
Colleen Keith
The legal templates offered me a way to have control of my own documents...
Working with Sarah and going through her legal course was so incredibly helpful for my business and peace of mind! I had so many questions about how legal processes worked for sole traders/creatives like myself, and Sarah had an answer for everything! I'm also able to give advice to a lot of my peers now, thanks to the course and Sarah's Facebook group. The legal templates offered me a way to have control of my own documents, and understand everything that went into them. I can't recommend her course highly enough - if you want to really take responsibility for and invest in your business, this course is a no-brainer!
kelly Grignon
I KNOW I'm Covered...
We all think “that will never happen to me. I don’t work with people that would do THAT,” but the reality is that you could end up having someone dissatisfied with your work, some emergency or accident pop up, some refund asked for or who knows what else. Sarah's contracts take all that “What If Stress” off my mind. I KNOW I’m covered, I KNOW that if something happens I will actually be able to think through the response I want to give and how I want to handle the situation because LEGALLY the decision is already made.
Imagine actually knowing WHY you need a contract for your group program or the difference between copyright and trademark? Understanding the legal basics will leave you feeling empowered and confident in you and your business.

What You Get When You Sign Up for the Legit Coach...

  • Immediate access to your member portal
  • All tutorials, templates, and modules are waiting for you
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • ​Access to an awesome support team for any questions! 
  • ​February - Live Q & A Call (Date & Time TBD)
get legit.
"This is a great course to help with keeping you and your business legal! Sarah was diligent at responding to my questions and/or wonderings. I enjoy having this peace of mind of knowing that my business’ foundation is strong!"  
-Marcine Simpson, Life Coach
"Thank you for your help, and for the contract templates - they've honestly been such a game changer in legitimizing my business and adding a layer of security! Thanks for doing what you do - we all need it. Sarah is so knowledgeable, prompt and doesn't hesitate to make herself available to help you with any legal questions you have. She's a great go-to for any online coach or service provider to have iron-clad contracts that protect you and showcase you to your clients as the professional that you are.” 

- Neha Premjee, Health Coach
“Working with Destination Legal has been so helpful to me in envisioning and building my coaching business.  

The knowledge she brings to the table with her background in law and business-building is invaluable. Sarah is your woman. I’m so glad I found her.”
- Shelly Haas, Life and Health Coach 
Everything you need, no fluff that you don't.
The Legit Coach includes over 50 pages of legal contracts, terms, and policies.  

Don't let that scare you, let that EMPOWER YOU! 

This is everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Plus, there are video tutorials outlining exactly how to customize and use your templates!

Investment: $1997 or 6 payments of $359
you asked
You May Have Some Questions, We Have The Answers!
Why don't I create my own contract, I mean you can find anything and everything on the web … right?
Hmmmm, I don't know about you but I wouldn't try fixing my own filling or sewing up a huge cut on my arm. Why? Cause I didn't go to school for that and have little to no idea what I'm doing (even watching some YouTube videos isn't going to help!)

Guess what? I went to law school and learned HOW to write contracts and after years of being in the online business world, I know exactly what needs to go in them. And no offense, but you don't! Sure you can look at other peoples or do some googling but...will you ever REALLY be sure that you have everything it needs to protect you?

You Don't Know What You Don't Know…
Can I ask you legal questions in the private facebook Group?
Why shouldn't I just buy MY CONTRACTS off one of those big sites that pump out templates?
Absolutely! You will be able to ask me general questions about legally protecting your business, contracts, and those related to the course and she will answer in the Facebook group. However, I will not be able to offer specific legal advice or review documents related to your business.
Well you certainly could, but why do that when you can get a lawyer drafted and approved (do we even know who writes those) contract written by someone that actually KNOWS your business. I've been around this neighborhood and know the ins and outs of the coaching world - I have a coach, I've been in coaching programs, and have tons of friends & colleagues that are coaches - I know what needs to be in your contract. 

Don't spend the next few years wondering if your contract is going to protect you, buy now and KNOW that it will!  PLUS, The Legit Coach is SO MUCH MORE than just the contracts (which ARE AWESOME, I know) but you also get the modules, tutorials, and Live Q & As!
Does this COURSE APPLY if I'm outside of the U.S.?
Yes - for the most part.  The templates are customizable for countries outside of the United States.  There will be a few modules that are pretty U.S. specific (e.g., business entities) but if you have any portion of market in the U.S. you will benefit from all the trainings. 
Are you my lawyer now?
No, this course is for educational purposes only. Any template that you will complete does not create an attorney-client relationship and the template is not be construed as legal advice.
Since you get access to like 50+ pages of legal documents, there are no refunds and all sales are final.  But we want you to be happy and 100% satisfied. If you find the course isn't what you thought, we will work with you to make sure you are happy with your purchase! 
Let's DO this.  It's time to step into your ceo shoes and get your coaching business protected.

The Best (and most comprehensive) Legal Course for Coaches You Will Find Anywhere.

I'm here to help you become the successful coach you are meant to be. The coach with a kick-ass foundation that can withstand the ups & downs of business.

Investment: $1997 or 6 payments of $359 - All Rights Reserved - PRIVACY POLICY